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Most Outstanding Chamber Award - NCR 2019 (MOCA)

Organized the 1st Quezon City Business Conference in partnership with the Quezon City LGU and QCAFCBI

PCCI-QC signed a Sisterhood agreement with Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii

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Most Outstanding Chamber Award - NCR 2019

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Joint Project of Q.C. LGU & PCCI-QC




Welcome Message

The wealth of the modern times is derived neither from gold nor money but rather from the information. Such information that is made available and communicated is translated to the wealth and power in the modern-day living and business-ing. Information and communication using modern technology has redefined business.

The PCCI-QC acknowledges this reality and wishes to make available the information of businesses in the country’s richest city. Through its website, the information is both freely available and conveniently accessible to anyone in the new market space – the cyberspace, which is for anyone anywhere anytime. This project was envisioned a decade ago, much earlier than how we have perceived the value of ICT in the business transactions.

Through this site, and with the power of the information available herein, business transaction has expanded in infinite and exponential reach for what could be beneficial to all whose intention is to conduct honest-to-goodness transactions and interaction between and among businesses in the city. Enjoy the value of information, communication, and technology rolled in one in what could be a model “business registry databank” of a local chamber linked with the essentials for growth and development. Mabuhay ang PCCI-QC at Mabuhay ang Quezon City at Mabuhay ang Philippine business.

President, PCCI-QC









Business Innovation Awards 2020

Please Click Here for the Nomination Form


The Business Innovation Awards 2020 is a QC Search to award the twenty (20) best business innovations amidst the pandemic. It is an initiative of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Quezon City (PCCI-QC) with the Quezon City Local Government under the Office of the Mayor Joy Belmonte.


Rationale and Objectives:

Quezon City is a premier city in the forefront of business innovations. It offers a population which every business would wish to capture as its market. The local government of QC, under the leadership of Mayor Joy Belmonte, takes initiatives in making business easy in QC. The PCCI-QC is 2020 Most Outstanding Chamber of the Philippines and in the National Capital Region.

In the face of the pandemic, businesses are challenged into innovation. Such become the solution not only to survive the crisis but also to thrive in the new normal. Through a search and awards, these businesses may be documented and may serve as inspiration for the businesses to also innovate. This award will also enable the winners to derive greater inspiration from the recognition.



The nomination is open to all forms of duly registered micro-small and medium (MSME) businesses anywhere in Quezon City. It shall submit required documents to which shall be validated and screened. The business need not be a new business but shall demonstrate a product or service that used innovation in response to the emerging needs due to the pandemic.


Nomination shall be classified as:


Asset size



Less than P3M

1 – 9 employees

Small enterprises

P3M to P15M

10 – 99 employees

Medium enterprises

P15M to P100M

100 and above


The 10 winners shall be distributed as follows:


Total winners



Small enterprises


Medium enterprises



Special Social Media Choice Awards will be given.



Criteria and Rubrics for Judging:

The Board of Judges will use the following criteria for judging the business, product or service that innovated in response to the Covid19 Pandemic. Range is provided within the column to allow the judges the freedom to choose appropriate value of the entry.






Innovative Idea

(30 %)

The business idea is new and unique, never before seen.

(26 – 30)

The business idea is innovative but is not a new idea nor unique

(16 – 25)

The business is an ordinary idea.


(1 – 15)

Commercial Value and profitability of the Innovation (30 %)

The business idea has global appeal with potential for growth and expansion in the new normal. Has launched and is in the execution phase with proof of profitability and has already started expansion.

(26 – 30)

The business idea has national appeal with potential for growth and expansion in the new normal. Has launched and is in the execution phase with promising profitability and ready for expansion.

(16 – 25)


The business idea has local or regional appeal with potential for growth and expansion in the new normal. Has launched and is in the execution phase  but is yet to prove profitability.

(1 – 15)


Sustainability and Technology (20 %)

Has self-developed digital transformation strategy in place or sustainable process  and structures to ensure application of appropriate technology. With sustainability plan for long term use beyond the pandemic.

(16 – 20)

Use of available but appropriate digitalized technology or adopted a process that will ensure sustainability in a medium term


(8 – 15) 

Appropriate technology adoption but with doubtful relevance post-pandemic


(1 -7)

Social Value of the Business Idea (20 %)

Has an intrinsic social value as its core business purpose with measurable social benefit for people AND planet.  The business is socially relevant.

(16 – 20)

Has an social value as that benefits people OR planet.  The business adopts a beneficiary from its profit.

(8 – 18)


Has loose social value and unmeasurable social benefit


(1 – 7)



Proposed Judges:


Name and Position

City Major

Mayor Joy Belmonte, City Mayor - CHAIR

PCCI National

Ambassador Benedicto Yujuico, President

International Chambers

Ambassador Francis Chua, President


Undersecretary Rowena Guevarra

Innovation Academe

Mr Josiah Go

Quezon City LGU

Ms Mona Yap


Ar Alfred Carandang, Executive Vice President


Dean Antonio Lopez, Miriam College


Joseph Lim







October 20 to November 10

Campaign Period

Full media campaign

Social Media Boosts

November 10


60 entries from all over the city

November 11

Screening of Entries

Screening Committee

Declaration of the 30 finalists

November 13-20

Social Media Campaign

Viral Likes and Shares in FB Account of PCCI-QC

November 20

Final Judging

Zoom Judging of the Finalists

November  27

Awards Night

Zoom Awards Night

our solid background on business

Who we are

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Quezon City (PCCI-QC) is the most prestigious local chamber of business people and entrepreneurs in Quezon City. It is a local chamber of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), recognized as the “single voice of business” in the Philippines.

PCCI-QC was re-organized on July 6, 2009. The membership of PCCI-QC is diverse, dynamic, and growing represents different business sectors of the Philippines. Our Chamber is the best resource for information, a strong advocate for business and economic development, and an effective partner in supporting and facilitating our member’s prosperity.

As a private business organization, the PCCI-QC provides valuable services to its members and, through partnerships and collaboration, to its partner-organizations. It implements programs and projects that serve the interest of its member companies, as well as of the people of the communities where these member-companies reside or operate. It advocates for better and fair policies, rules, and regulations on business and trade, and conducts sectoral campaigns to foster knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the role of business in local development, and thus, to gain support for business activities.

Instrumental for making Quezon City a PCCI Hall of Fame Awardee as the Most Business-Friendly City in the Philippines, the PCCI-QC itself has been rewarded with an award as the Most Outstanding Local Chamber in the Asia-Pacific Region by the Confederation of Asia-Pacific of Commerce and Industry in 2004, after receiving the PCCI national award as Best Local Chamber in the years 2000, 2002, and 2004 and the Most Outstanding Chamber Award -NCR 2019

For its important role in enhancing Quezon City’s business climate, the PCCI installed the PCCI-QC in its Hall of Fame in 2004.

The PCCI-QC is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of 17 members elected every two years. A secretariat runs the Chamber’s day-to-day affairs under the overall direction and supervision of a President. PCCI-QC focus on providing value to members, the Economic and Business Development, Member Services, Workforce Development and Legislative and Government Affairs Committees, interesting networking opportunities, fun special events, facilitate communication with members, provide input to staff, and ensure Chamber activities provide the support necessary to promote the prosperity of the membership.

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